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Coffed company is manufacturer of coffee roasting machines. We also offer renovation of old devices using current technological trends. Take a look at below options from our offer:

Coffed coffee roasters:

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Everything you need to pick up your coffee roasting game – and more! Our offer includes a whole range of professional equipment and additional parts designed for extensive use in actual roasting shops. This selection boasts some of the finest roasters that come in many shapes and sizes – that way you’re able to pick the ones which will best fit into the scale and nature of your own enterprise! Just pick the category and start browsing our collection of new and second-hand gear. You’ll find more information on the technical specs, as well as overall characteristics, on the respective product description pages.

Discover our offer – coffee roasting machines and more!

What exactly should you expect? First of all, be sure to dive right into our selection of professional coffee roasters. Our machines are available in several different options, depending on your specific needs. This offer includes drums that are capable of roasting a batch of 3, 10, 15, 30, or even 60 kg of beans. The roasting time itself revolves around 20 to 35 minutes, depending on the size. The devices are also equipped with temperature sensors and PLC touchscreen controllers – setting the right parameters is a breeze (you can even save your roasting profiles and recipes for future use). Combine all that with a stainless-steel housing and you’ll get the full image of our roasting machines.

But what if you’re in dire need of saving some money? We’ve got you covered! Our offer also includes some second-hand roasting machines – all the devices are fully renovated and restored to their former glory. In fact, that’s actually how our company started in the first place. This selection of used coffee roasters is always changing – be sure to check on it regularly to always be up to date with what’s available. If you’re in the market for professional roasting gear, but at the same time money is a bit tight at the moment, second-hand equipment is the way to go.

That’s not all! What if you need to prepare a small sample of a brand-new bean species and don’t want to risk overburning a whole batch? That’s perfectly fine – be sure to check our offer of electric sample coffee roasters which allow you to do some test runs before you go all-in. Instead of gas, those devices work on electricity, which ultimately makes things much more convenient. Small drums, easy-to-use, but at the same time extremely capable and precise controllers, as well as top-grade built quality – just put in a nice 1200 grams of fresh beans and try a new recipe!

Last but not least, our offer also includes some specialist equipment for your coffee roasting machines. This section has everything you need to create a fully-fledged coffee roasting line – starting from your transmission belts and green coffee loaders to destoners and electrostatic precipitators, which automatically remove any stones, dust particles, and other types of possible contamination. Those add-ons are the perfect solution to optimise the roasting process, both in terms of its time and the quality of the final product.

Why Coffed?

Our range of products – be it the selection of roasting machines, additional equipment, sample roasters, or any other items available in our offer – is the perfect example of premium-grade gear designed for professional use. Imagine some top-quality materials, innovative designs, and advanced software with easy-to-use controllers – that’s basically our roasters in a nutshell. All the equipment is manufactured using artisan methods, which allows us to personally oversee every nook and cranny. We make gear that we would actually want to use – from coffee lovers to coffee lovers!

Our offer is divided into several categories. That way you can easily find just what you need – getting the right tools for the job is already half of the story. Be sure to check the technical details of every item available. You’ll find all the information in the product descriptions. Also, feel free to give us a call in case of any questions or doubts – we’re always here for you!