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Coffed Coffee Roasters

Where quality matters!

Welcome to Coffed world!
Coffed Coffee Roasters activity started in 2008. The owner of the company has already had contact with green raw material. Thus, ideas for a new business were formed a long time before.
At the very beginning, the company was looking for customers interested in industrial machines and mediation in theirpurchase or sale. In 2009, we completed our first ground-breaking project for Mokate in Żory – renovation and delivery of machines.
From that moment on, we built an increasing reputation and trust among contractors. In 2013, our production and warehouse hall with offices with an area of 799m2 was established. Inside, we have created a fully mechanized plant in which we create coffee roasting devices. The products created on the company’s premises are manufactured from scratch, thanks to the efforts of our specialists.
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Commercial coffee roaster machine

Polish commitment

Our devices are built with great precision. We create all our products in a production plant.

Your coffee roaster

Choose your color and we will apply it to the device. A wide range available on request.


We provide you with a two-years warranty and lifetime service support

Our Devices

The devices from our offer are 100% ready to work.


Our coffee roasters are compatible with Artisan or Cropster


While working, the software provides learning and fun for the user


We select highest quality materials for our roasters.

Development - a recipe for success
Dynamic market, changing technology – we try to meet these changes overnight. Investments related to advanced machines for steel processing, with the equipment necessary for designing and automation give us the opportunity to make any improvements and optimization.
We have sold and refurbished over 250 coffee roasting devices worldwide. Contact with clients allows us to eliminate any faults or introduce necessary innovations while creating new projects – a wide list of projects and clients can be found in separate tabs.
Due to the dynamic development of our company, we are constantly expanding our plant.
The crew like 300 Spartans
Our family currently consists of 22 professionals working in the profession. The homely atmosphere affects the functionality of the entire team.
Thanks to their commitment and experience, the end result of each project is the success of the entire company. Continuous training and upgraded qualifications influence the effectiveness of our brand.
We still have something to prove
We are not resting on our laurels. Despite many positive opinions, we are still trying to improve. Each step is a new step – routine lags far behind.
After introducing the proprietary SR3, SR5, SR15, SR25, SR60 projects to the offer – automated and innovative, allowing users to change and monitor works parameters down to the smallest details, the development department is also working on the implementation of the devices up to 120 kg. The planned date of introducing new projects is estimated at 2020/21. Contact Coffed Coffee Roasters
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