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Coffed Coffee Roasters


Premium-grade solutions for professionals. Coffed Coffee Roasters are designed to meet the requirements of the trade – successfully combining craftsmanship with modern technology. As a manufacturer with more than a decade-long experience in the industry, we’ve gathered both the know-how and the facilities. All that allows us to deliver top-quality equipment (automatic and manual), tailored to the requirements of small, medium, and large businesses – that’s all you need to bring out the best from your beans!

Coffed – Professional Coffee Roasters

Our offer includes both manual and automatic coffee roasters. We deliver a whole range of models designed to withstand continuous use in a demanding environment – the machines are manufactured in Poland by artisan methods. That means top-tier materials, advanced ergonomics, and great attention to details. You can choose from a variety of different batch sizes, depending on your individual needs – from 3 kg, up to 120 kg.

When it comes to build quality, in Coffed we take it very seriously. Double-wall drums with stainless steel covers are designed to withstand high temperature spikes, at the same time being completely invulnerable to corrosion or mechanical wear. Cast iron parts combined with steel housing also provide excellent durability. The burner is fully modular. Check the description pages of specific machine models (automatic or manual) to get the full technical specification.

Our manual coffee roasters include a compact and easy-to-use control panel, which allows you to regulate working parameters – temperature sensors monitor both the beans and exhaust gases. Our automatic machines are equipped with touch panels used for controlling such aspects as airflow or drum rotation speed. You’re also able to regulate the process with an external device via Wi-Fi.

Coffee roasting machines

Our Coffed Coffee Roasters (both the manual and automatic models) usually take around ten weeks to produce. Contact our support team to learn more about our offer. Also, be sure to check out our product pages – more information is included there.

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