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SR60 Automatic Coffee Roaster

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Batch size:  30-60 kg
Efficiency:  240 kg/h
Roasting time:  8-20 min
Produce time:  12 weeks
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Fully modulated with firing manager electrical ignition device and flame monitoring. 100/120 kW power in smooth regulation from 20-100% of power


The Seller gives the Buyer a one-year warranty for the SR60 roasting line

SR60 Coffee Roaster - all you need and more!

This model is definitely among the most versatile, efficient, and all-round device on the market. The SR60 Coffee Roaster line is capable of roasting up to 60 kg at a time. The burner itself is fully modular and allows for smooth and seamless power regulation - it offer the efficiency of up to 240 kg/h, which is enough for most applications. The SR60 Coffee Roaster is equipped with a stainless steel housing that provides great durability and is easy to maintain - you can choose from several different paint jobs available. Cast iron parts are really sturdy and hard to break, which greatly reduces the risk of malfunction. The device is operated using a touchscreen controller. It gives you access to all the crucial parameters and allows for quick and easy regulation. The software also supports roasting profile saving. The roaster machine is fuelled by gas with electrical ignition system. You can control the exhaust fan speed. The SR60 model can also be equipped with additional gear - a destoner or a green coffee loader.

SR60 Coffee Roaster

If you need solid equipment for extensive use in a professional environment, this is the way to go. SR60 Coffee Roaster is an electric machine with gas-fuelled burner designed for small and medium coffee shops. The double-wall drum is capable of roasting up to 60 kg of fresh beans at a time, which translates to the overall efficiency of 240 kg/h. The SR60 model is extremely easy to use - this drum roaster is equipped with automatic temperature sensors that keep the heat at a steady level. Additionally, you get a touchscreen controller packed with software which allows you to save coffee roasting profiles and recipes. It supports both manual and automatic modes. This type of drum roaster has a stainless-steel housing and some cast iron parts - SR60 Coffee Roasters are produced using artisan methods with great attention to detail. They're also compatible with our destoners and green coffee loaders. You can also choose the colour palette from the options below. Contact our customer service to learn more - we're always here for you.

The Roaster

Burner fuel: LPG/Natural gas/Biogas

Gas supply pressure: 20-50 mbar

Power supply: 3x400VAC

SR60 Automatic Coffee Roaster - cover
  • Made in Poland by artisan methods

  • Double wall drum

  • Temperature sensors in coffee and in exhaust gases

  • Cast iron parts

  • Stainless steel housing

  • Fully modular burner

  • Drum and exhaust gas fan speed control

  • PLC controller with a 15” touch panel

  • Manual and automatic modes

  • Profiles and roasting recipe saving function

  • Direct water injection into the drum

  • Connection type: L+N+PE

  • Machine is ready to work with Artisan Scope and Cropster software

  • Coffee roaster has an additional offer with a destoner and green coffee loader

  • Service access to the device via the Internet

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