Advanced Technology in Coffee Roasting: Elevating the Coffed Experience
In the ever-evolving world of coffee roasting, advanced technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring consistency, precision, and efficiency. At Coffed, our coffee roasters are equipped with cutting-edge features that cater to both novice and professional roasters. Let's explore some of the innovative technologies embedded in our SR5, SR15, SR25, SR30, SR60, and SR120 models that make the coffee roasting process seamless and highly effective.

Dual-Layer Touchscreen
One of the standout features of Coffed roasting machines is the dual-layer touchscreen interface. This advanced control panel allows for intuitive operation, enabling users to manage roasting profiles with ease. The touchscreen is designed to withstand the rigors of a roasting environment, providing durability and responsiveness. Whether you're adjusting temperatures, monitoring roast progress, or switching between modes, the dual-layer touchscreen ensures precise control and a user-friendly experience.

Dual Drum System
The dual drum system in our coffee roasters enhances the roasting process by providing superior heat distribution and control. This innovative technology ensures that each coffee bean is roasted evenly, resulting in a consistent and high-quality roast. The dual drum also helps in reducing the risk of scorching or uneven roasting, making it ideal for achieving that perfect cup of coffee every time.

Adjustable Motor Speed
Coffed coffee roasters are equipped with adjustable motor speed controls, allowing users to fine-tune the roasting process. This feature is crucial for achieving different roast profiles, as varying the drum speed can influence the roast's development and flavor. Whether you are aiming for a light, medium, or dark roast, the adjustable motor speed provides the flexibility needed to meet your specific requirements.

Automatic Mode
For those who prefer a hands-off approach, our coffee roasting machines come with an automatic mode. This feature simplifies the roasting process by automating key parameters such as temperature, drum speed, and airflow. Automatic mode is particularly beneficial for maintaining consistency across multiple batches, ensuring that each roast meets the desired standards without the need for constant manual adjustments.

Precise Temperature Measurement
Achieving the perfect roast requires precise control of temperature. Coffed roasters are equipped with advanced temperature sensors that provide real-time monitoring and adjustments. These sensors ensure that the roasting environment remains within the optimal range, preventing any deviations that could impact the quality of the roast. Precise temperature measurement is essential for developing the full flavor potential of coffee beans.

External Software Control
In today's digital age, the ability to integrate external software with coffee roasters is a significant advantage. Coffed machines offer compatibility with various software platforms, allowing users to control and monitor the roasting process remotely. This feature provides unparalleled convenience, enabling roasters to make adjustments, track progress, and analyze data from anywhere. The integration with external software also facilitates detailed record-keeping and recipe management, enhancing the overall roasting experience.
Coffed Models: SR5, SR15, SR25, SR30, SR60, SR120

Each Coffed model

, from the SR5 to the SR120, incorporates these advanced technologies to deliver exceptional performance. Whether you are a small-batch roaster or a large-scale operation, our machines are designed to meet your needs with precision and reliability.
•    SR5: Ideal for small-scale roasters, offering all the advanced features in a compact design.
•    SR15: A versatile machine perfect for mid-sized operations.
•    SR25: Provides enhanced capacity while maintaining precise control.
•    SR30: Balances capacity and advanced technology for efficient roasting.
•    SR60: Designed for larger batches, ensuring consistency and quality.
•    SR120: Our largest model, built for high-volume production with unparalleled precision.


Advanced technology in coffee roasting is essential for achieving the highest quality results. Coffed coffee roasters, with their dual-layer touchscreens, dual drum systems, adjustable motor speeds, automatic modes, precise temperature measurement, and external software control, represent the pinnacle of modern roasting machines. Embrace the future of coffee roasting with Coffed and experience the difference in every cup.

Incorporating these advanced features into your coffee roasting process not only enhances the quality of your roast but also streamlines operations, making it easier to achieve consistency and excellence. Explore the range of Coffed coffee roasters and elevate your coffee roasting game today.