Do you have a plan to open your own coffee roaster?

The first questions you will ask yourself : Is it worth, is it profitable? How quickly will I hit the market? How much coffee roaster cost?

In Poland – an extremely niche profession. At the world? – well, business flourishing like coffee beans in the sunny countries of Africa and Central America. So what’s stopping You from quitting my job and building another ultra-fashionable micro coffee roaster? There are many definitions of startups. The most frequently indicated features of such entities are:

  • their use of modern technologies,
  • searching for or having a repeatable, scalable and profitable business model,
  • operation in high-risk conditions,
  • striving for rapid growth.
  • Have you told yourself and now are already thinking of starting a coffee roasting company? Have you already sensed the moment of transition from an enthusiast to a full-size coffee roastery?

    You don’t want to take too high risk? Take a look at this for some fairly important ways/factors. Divide this up a few different ways:

Startup and Operating Costs

With this step in mind, usually involve the purchase of a coffee roasting line, investment in the packaging and equipment necessary for this. The selection of green coffee is an extremely important step. Also find a suitable room with a ventilation system and access to electricity and gas.

The green coffee market is extremely developed, so you won’t have a problem with deliveries – the right choice is important. The prices of this raw material change from month to month, so it is worth following the market and the inventory of your coffee roaster.

Sales, Margins and Profit

During this step, remember to choose the right customers. Selling in the family circle will definitely not affect your profits. Wholesalers, on the other hand, have strictly defined delivery dates that they will present to you and will require your cooperation. With a properly selected device and the time you want to devote to it, you will notice what your possibilities are – both current and future. Sometimes the proverbial hour will only bring you benefits. While margins won’t be as exciting as selling brewed coffee to coffee shops, some nice wholesale bills will keep you business consistent right from the start and keep your roaster prospering. Attention should also be paid to changes in the volume of the raw material during its roasting. It has been assumed that we lose 15-20% of the weight of green coffee after the roasting treatment.


In this case, marketing is everything. If you don’t have your own brand yet, you should first of all take care of it. Behind the marketing of your business will be imaging, copying, content, prices and of course social media. Do not underestimate this, especially the last issue – properly run social media ( ) can work wonders.

The website ( is the second necessary step. You will present all your products, prices, cooperation opportunities, your blog, history of your coffee or even information about your company there.

Still Thinking About Starting a Coffee Roasting Business?

Enough! Write to us and we will help You choose the best coffee roaster from our offer!