Most of us couldn’t imagine a single morning without a cup of strong espresso or milky cappuccino – whether it’s at home, work, or during a lunch break in the city. We love the taste, we enjoy the aroma, and – most of all – we crave that energy boost it gives us when we need it most. But all that wouldn’t be possible without a proper coffee roasting machine. Why is the technology so important?

The answer is simple – precision. The process of coffee roasting is fairly straightforward at first sight – it basically boils down to burning the beans until they’re ready – however, the devil is in the details. The ultimate goal here is to bring out the best that a given batch of beans has to offer. Factors such as temperature and time of roasting all come in to play – the process is divided into several stages, all with slightly different parameters. And don’t even get us started on the chemistry behind it (let’s save it for another day). Today, let’s focus on the equipment itself.

Coffee roasting machines – all you need to know!

First, let’s dive into the basics and focus on the components that every roasting machine is made of. The bean hopper is a large funnel-shaped element that the green beans are poured into. The drum is where the actual magic happens – in this cylindrical container the beans are roasted. Inside it there’s always some kind of stirring device (depending on the model) that ensures all the beans are burnt evenly. The cooling tray is pretty much self-explanatory – it is where the coffee loses the heat. It’s usually connected to the drum by means of a discharge port. Chaff collector is another type of container responsible for managing dust and other byproducts of the roasting process, reducing the mess made outside of the machine. It’s also crucial for the maintenance. Other components include things such as a sampling spoon or an observation window, if you want to take a peek inside.

Coffed Coffee Roasters

Of course, every model of a coffee roasting machine is slightly different – there are many variants available in our offer alone, not to mention the whole market. They all boast a distinctive set of parameters that you should take into consideration, while planning a purchase. What should you keep in mind? For starters, the capacity of the drum – the size of the batch that you can roast in one cycle is the key factor of your efficiency. Those devices come in a variety of sizes, form 1 kg to as much as 120 kg. The gas burner power is also important, as it determines the heating power and the duration of the roasting process. Usually, it’s best to pick a machine that satisfies the daily needs of your place.

Coffee roasting plant – equipment

That’s not all, of course! Additional functionalities of coffee roasting machines include timers, automatic temperature controllers, green coffee loaders, estoners or even green coffee silos with automatic weight system. The controls itself can be manual or digital – the latter often allow you to save your roasting profiles and repeats . Automatic models are equipped with 15-inch touch screen panel what allows to chose many options and reminds when roaster needs service, also automatic models have build in system what allows to do software update and all diagnosis remotely it just needs connect roaster to internet.

Prices of coffee roasting machines

The final cost of the device – or a whole line of devices – depends on the model itself, of course. Smaller models are great even for domestic use, while roasting machines with 10 kg capacity or more are usually reserved for professional spots. Depending on the size, they usually start at around a hundred euros and go all the way up to several thousand. With proper maintenance, it will serve you for years.

Second hand – coffee machines

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