Keeping your equipment clean and tidy is the foundation of any business - coffee roasting included. In terms of proper maintenance, every roaster machine is different.

It’s best to refer to the official manual on how to access all the specific parts of the device. You can also ask directly at your gear’s manufacturer. Some things are, however, universal – today we’re going to look at a bunch of handy tips that’ll help you keep your equipment in order.

Roaster maintenance tips – how to clean your roasting machine

Let’s get it out of the way – every roaster machine needs daily cleaning. There are some maintenance jobs that are less pending and can be dealt with on a weekly basis, but you can’t escape some honest, after-the-shift work every time you decide to brown those beans. Removing chaff is definitely one of those tasks. Every machine has a chaff collector – a dedicated compartment that stores all the papery substances that come off the beans during the roasting process. You should also get rid of the waste that’s left on the cooling tray. A simple vacuum cleaner will do the trick.

Electric sample coffee roasters

But that’s not all, when it comes to proper maintenance of your roaster machine. There’s also a lot of spaces that collect waste and sludge, which you should look out for. Coffee dust is light enough to travel throughout the whole interior of your device – it also tends to stick to the sides, so be sure to check all the nooks and crannies. And then there’s also oil. It burns into the surfaces, so don’t let it build up too much, or else you’ll have a problem. Maintaining proper airflow is your top priority – check on your impeller fan and grate holes regularly. Finally, don’t forget about the outside of the device. It should be washed too.

Why roaster machine maintenance is so important?

By neglecting it, you simply ask for trouble. Coffee roaster machine maintenance will get you years of defect-free operation. What’s the alternative? Clogged devices with obstructed airflow can catch fire pretty easily. Also, dirty equipment will most likely affect the quality of your beans. Contact us in case of any questions!