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Ignition-ionization electrode

nett price: 35€

The ignition-ionization electrode is a crucial component designed for coffee roasters, specifically compatible with models SR5, SR15, SR25, SR30, and SR60. This electrode serves a dual function: ignition and ionization, playing a pivotal role in the efficient operation of the roasting process.

Comes with mounting set and  new cable with connector

Ignition Functionality:

The electrode facilitates the ignition process within the roaster, initiating the combustion of fuel necessary for heating the roasting chamber.

By generating a high-voltage spark, it ignites the fuel-air mixture, ensuring a smooth and consistent start-up of the roasting cycle.

Ionization Capability:

Once the combustion process begins, the electrode transitions into itsionization role.

It detects the presence of a flame within the roasting chamber by sensing the conductivity changes caused by ionized particles generated during combustion.

This information is relayed to the roaster's control system, allowing for real-time monitoring and adjustment of the roasting parameters to maintain optimal roasting conditions.

Compatibility and Versatility:

Designed to fit seamlessly into the SR series of coffee roasters, including models SR5, SR15, SR25, SR30, and SR60.

The electrode is engineered to meet the specific requirements and standards of these roaster models, ensuring reliable performance and compatibility.

Maintenance and Care:

Regular inspection and maintenance of the ignition-ionization electrode are essential to ensure its proper functioning.

Periodic cleaning to remove any accumulated debris or residues is recommended to prevent potential performance issues.

The ignition-ionization electrode stands as a critical component in the coffee roasting process, providing both ignition and flame detection functionalities. Its compatibility with various SR series roaster models ensures consistent and efficient roasting operations, contributing to the production of high-quality roasted coffee.


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