When there's heat, there's usually a risk of fire - and we can assure you, you get a lot of heat during the roasting process

Keeping those flames at bay requires some dedication, mostly in terms of proper (and regular) maintenance. Today you’ll learn, what can actually cause a coffee roasting fire, as well as what you can do to prevent it. Stay tuned!

What causes a coffee roaster to fire up?

Unfortunately, such accidents are most often a result of human error. It usually all comes down to various levels of negligence in terms of cleaning – both daily and long-term. Consistency is key and maintaining a proper airflow within the coffee roaster machine is always your top priority. Any obstructions in this department are the number one cause for a fire to occur. To allow the air to flow freely, you need to pay close attention to the following parts – the chaff compartment, the roasting fan, the cooling tray, the tips of gas fuel jets, and even the air duct. Those places are especially prone to collecting coffee dust and oil, which can easily build up over time.

Cleaning is crucial – set your daily, weekly, and monthly routine

As we said, when it comes to fire prevention, it usually boils down to proper maintenance. That’s why you need to set a good cleaning schedule. Daily tasks should be performed at the end of every shift (at least) – those include emptying the chaff bucket, checking the cooling tray for clogs, as well as dusting the external parts of the machine. Your weekly habits should include vacuuming the cooling tray clean and making sure that all the joints are properly greased. It’s highly advised to do a bigger clean-up of a coffee roaster machine at least once a month – disassemble the parts and scrape out the sludge. Conduct yearly technical inspections to ensure long-term effectiveness.

Coffee roasting plant – equipment

What can you do to limit the risk of error that could lead to a coffee roasting fire? Stick to the one-shift-one-operator rule – that way you’ll avoid any misunderstandings. Also, be sure to provide proper instructions in a written form, to which your employees could always refer. To learn more, see other articles available on our website!