It's always difficult to create something from scratch - whether it's a poem, a shopping list, or a coffee roasting profile

Designing the latter often requires some trial and error, but without some basic knowledge on the way in which specific parameters of the process affect the final product it could easily turn into a wild goose chase. It doesn’t have to be that way, however – stick around to learn more about troubleshooting your very own profiles.

Basi parameters of the process – all you need to know

In order to successfully troubleshoot your roasting profiles, you have to be familiar with some basic terms and parameters of the roast itself. First of all, the temperature. Bean and air temperature levels are highly dependent on each other – the former changes with a slight delay, while the latter is much quicker and prone to even minor fluctuations. Also, be mindful of the charge temperature (heat level exposure at early stages of the roasting), as well as the Rate of Rise (ROR), which just refers to the increase of the heat (measured every 30 seconds, for example).

Troubleshooting your roasting profiles – How it’s done

How to refine your browning process, so that it brings out the full potential of the beans? You just need to remember about a few of the principals for the roasting process. It’s all based around the flavours and aromas – a cupping test will be necessary. To put it simple, it’s important to identify the level of acidity. If it’s too high, be sure to slow down the roast during the development stage (it adds more sweetness). If it’s too low, however, you have to lighten up the batch, by increasing the Rate of Rise in the beginning stages. Shorten the browning phase, if the feels too dry to the mouth.

Coffed Coffee Roasters

At last, don’t be afraid to experiment! What final product you’ll end up with it’s entirely up to you – modify the parameters to achieve your dream coffee beans. Also, contact us right away, should you have any questions or doubts. Check other articles available on our website to learn more!