For a good few years, we've been observing a real boom of the coffee industry

A lot of small roasting businesses have appeared, delivering quality beans that are readily available to the average consumer. From a clients’ standpoint, the variety of choice is at its all-time peak – there have never been a better time to be a coffee enthusiast. Today, however, we’ll focus on the other end of the chain. Let’s take a closer look on the roasting trends for the future!

Conscious customer

In the coffee roasting business, you need to be aware of your client base expectations. Customers generally tend to become more and more educated and conscious (environmentally, but also in terms of quality and overall taste). They seek new flavours, exotic varieties, and fresh ideas, also in terms of technology – to put it shortly, they want the best and are willing to pay for it. That is the foundation for our future predictions, and at the same the direction in which our industry is heading.

Future trends for roasting

One of the tendencies includes a strong turn towards speciality coffee. Roasting companies choose the best beans for their production – a top-quality base is becoming a standard within the industry. What’s a bit counter-intuitive is a slight move towards blends, which are more and more often used in the coffee world. They serve as a cheaper alternative to single-origin batches, but in right hands can be just as good. The key is, however, to get to know your beans as well as possible and set all the parameters of the browning process just right, in order to bring out their best qualities.

Coffee roasting plant – equipment

Another trend for the future revolves around the technology of roasting. Although current roaster machines – such as the SR series available in our store – have a list of handy controlling features, our minds already go towards the next big thing. Artificial intelligence backed by machine learning tools is one of the hottest topics in any sector, the world of coffee included. The introduction of AI solutions into the equipment is definitely something to look out for in the coming days. Check other articles to learn more!