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Air Compressor 24l

nett price: 370€
Available on backorder

Full set includes air compressor 4m pneumatic cable and plug and play solution for our roasters

compatibile with SR60 SR120

-oil-free compressor with a 24-liter air tank

-exceptionally quiet operation allows trouble-free operation even indoors

-a source of compressed air without oil particles

-maintenance-free operation

-powerful 750W motor

-maximum capacity 132 l/min

-maximum pressure 8 bar

-equipped with a safety valve and a pressure gauge

-a drain tap at the bottom for manual draining of condensate

-the thickness of the pressure tank is 2.5 mm and meets the strictest European standards

-air pressure control with fully automatic pressure switch

- rubber foot to dampen vibrations included

- improved packaging ensuring transport without damaging the compressor and pressure tank

-two rubber wheels and an additional handle for easy carrying and transportation

-connecting the compressor to pneumatic tools using a quick connector

Quiet, oil-free electric compressor suitable for smaller workshops and garages. The maximum pressure is 8 bar. The compressor is driven by a 230 V / 50 Hz electric motor with a power consumption of 0.75 kW.

The sound pressure level is LwA 80 dB. However, do not be fooled by this value, it is a value measured under the conditions specified in the standard. Real noise is comparable to the volume of a conversation between two people. Therefore, you may not even notice that the compressor is on in your garage or workshop.

Another advantage is the lack of oil in the compressor. On the one hand, this facilitates maintenance related to checking, replenishing and changing oil in conventional oil compressors, at the same time, oil cannot escape into the air. With oil compressors, more or less oil may enter the compressed air at any time, which may be undesirable.

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