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Green coffee loader 15-30kg

nett price: 0€
Efficiency:  30kg/4min (adjustable control)
Power supply:  Electric
Capacity:  up 30 kg of green coffee
Voltage:  230V 50/60Hz
Technical parameters


The Seller gives the Buyer a one-year warranty for the green coffee loader

Green coffee loader 15-30 kg

A simple addition to your roasting shop that will greatly increase your efficiency and comfort. Green coffee loader (15-30 kg) is used to transfer the beans from the bag directly to the roaster. The airflow is regulated, giving you full control over the speed of the process. It runs on electricity, which is especially convenient. Lifting the bean bags manually can prove to be exhausting and time-consuming for your stuff - with coffee bean loader you simply do not have such problems. This model - same as all the other roasting devices and peripherals - was designed to withstand extensive exploitation in a professional environment. It's made of durable steel, powder-coated on the outside. The machine is equipped with an integrated fan - it generates airflow which transfers the coffee to the roasting drum. This coffee bean loader is capable of holding from 15 to 30 kg in its bin. You can download the technical sheet to learn more about the specific parameters of the device.

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