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Coffee roasting plant - equipment


If you’re serious about the quality of your beans, you’re going to need professional equipment. This section includes everything that you require to fully arrange a proper coffee roasting plant. Starting from afterburners, all the way to bean loaders, destoners, and automatic scales – getting everything in one place has never been easier.

Our devices are built in Poland, using top-grade materials, such as stainless and acid-resistant steel (some models also give you the option to choose the paint job). We fully commit to the artisan method of manufacturing, combining a well-thought-out design, great attention to detail, and modern technology.

Equipment for a coffee roasting plant

In this section, you’ll find professional coffee roasting equipment, designed for use in small, medium, and large plants. We deliver afterburners for neutralizing exhaust gasses – the machine is capable of heating them up to a minimum of 300 degrees, which breaks the odour, smoke, and potentially harmful compounds produced during the process.

Apart from the afterburner, our offer also includes automatic scales – perfect for precise measuring the weight of large amounts of beans – as well as destoners, capable of cleaning up to 10 kilograms per 5 minutes. That’s not all – we deliver green coffee loaders, with up to 30 kg capacity, fully adjustable controls, and electrostatic participators, which remove fine particles (such as smoke and dust) from the interior. Our range of roasting plant equipment also includes a coffee silo with a pneumatic loader – the dimensions and number of chambers are tailored to your individual requirements. All the details concerning technical specification, materials used, range of functionality, and more are included on a product description page.

Coffee roasting equipment – contact us!

To find out more about our range of equipment for coffee roasting plants, feel free to contact our customer support. We’d be happy to provide you with additional information on our afterburners, loaders, destoners, and more!

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