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Batch size:  2-6 kg
Efficiency:  20 kg/h
Roasting time:  8-20 min
Produce time:  12 weeks
Technical parameters

Technical parameters

Air Heater

Fully modulated with temperature monitoring. Control: 17 kW power in smooth regulation from 20-100% of power. Ceramic heating elements generate temperatures of 650–900 °C • PID controller for precise control of temperature and airflow • Externally controllable airflow • 3-point temperature measurement for heating, beans and output air • Remote interface for remote controlling of the heating system • Integrated overheating protection • High-quality standards of products CE, UL, ROHS, EMC • Spare parts available around the globe


The Seller gives the Buyer a one-year warranty for the SR5e automatic roasting line

SR5e Automatic Coffee Roaster

This model allows you to streamline your roasting process, at the same time delivering the efficiency of up to 20 kg/h. SR5 Automatic Coffee Roaster is equipped with a touchscreen controller which not only gives you full and clear access to all the parameters of the burning cycle, but also lets you save your recipes and control the time, temperature and proportions. That way you can get consistent quality every time. It can also be operated via computer. The SR5 automatic model has a robust housing made of stainless steel. Just as any other coffee roasting machine available in our store, it's been designed with a long service life in mind, which is especially important in a professional environment. It's also relatively easy to clean - regular conservation is crucial. SR5 Automatic Coffee Roaster - the whole package. Our coffee roasters are manufactured on order - you can choose from several different paint jobs. The SR5 models are also compatible with a range of side equipment, such as destoners (also available in our offer).

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