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G-WON Moisture Meter

nett price: 355€
Measuring Range:  6.5~~21.0%
Resolution:  0.1%
Accuracy:  ±0.5%
Measuring Time:  Approx. 3 Seconds

Moisture Meter Content of Coffee Bean G-WON GMK-303C
        Electrical Resistance Method
        Large Digital LCD display
        Automatic Temperature Compensation
        Automatic Calibration
         (* The instrument has a special function of Auto-Calibration.
            In spite of any changes of the surrounding environment, The unit is calibrated automatically
            by G-WON Hitech's preset special programs.
            Once calibration is not successful, Correct test results are not possible.
            By Auto-Calibration, Customers can get accurate test results easily without doing
            calibration before every test.)

        Low Battery Sign appears
        One Touch Panel Method
        Auto Hold & Auto Off Function Available

M O D E L GMK - 303C
MEASURING RANGE 6.5% ~ 21.0%
MEASURING TIME Approx. 3 Seconds
POWER SOURCE Battery 1.5V × 4EA
DIMENSIONS 164(L) × 94(W) × 40(H) mm
WEIGHT Approx.


The Green Coffee Moisture Meter is an essential tool for coffee producers, importers, and roasters, designed to accurately measure the moisture content of green coffee beans. This portable device offers precise readings to ensure the optimal storage, transportation, and roasting of green coffee beans, ultimately contributing to the quality and consistency of the final roasted coffee product.

Accurate Moisture Measurement:

Utilizing advanced technology, the moisture meter provides accurate and reliable measurements of the moisture content present in green coffee beans.

By obtaining precise moisture readings, users can effectively assess the quality and condition of green coffee beans, allowing for informed decisions regarding storage conditions and roasting parameters.

Portable and Easy to Use:

The moisture meter features a compact and lightweight design, making it convenient for use in various locations, from coffee farms and processing facilities to roasting laboratories and warehouses.

Its user-friendly interface and intuitive operation ensure effortless usage, enabling coffee professionals to obtain moisture readings quickly and efficiently.

Optimization of Coffee Quality:

With the ability to accurately measure moisture levels, coffee producers and roasters can take proactive measures to optimize the quality and flavor profile of their coffee beans.

By ensuring that green coffee beans are within the desired moisture range, the moisture meter helps prevent issues such as mold growth, spoilage, and inconsistent roasting results, leading to superior-quality coffee products.

Quality Control and Assurance:

The moisture meter serves as a valuable tool for quality control and assurance throughout the coffee supply chain, enabling stakeholders to monitor and maintain the quality standards of green coffee beans.

By incorporating moisture measurement into quality control protocols, coffee companies can uphold consistency and reliability in their product offerings, fostering trust and satisfaction among consumers.

Durability and Longevity:

Constructed from durable materials and engineered for resilience, the green coffee moisture meter is designed to withstand the demands of daily use in coffee production and processing environments.

Its robust build quality ensures long-term reliability, allowing users to rely on accurate moisture measurements for years to come.

The Green Coffee Moisture Meter stands as an indispensable tool for coffee industry professionals seeking to optimize the quality, consistency, and integrity of green coffee beans throughout the supply chain. With its precision, portability, and reliability, it plays a vital role in ensuring the excellence of the final roasted coffee product.


Technical parameters

Measuring Range






Measuring Time

Approx. 3 Seconds

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