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SCM Automatic Coffee Pod Capsule Sealing Machine

nett price: 35500€
Efficiency:  Up to 50 Pod per minute
Filling range:  3~15 gram

Fully automatic machine for coffee capsules

Cap type: K-Cup, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza Line include: Sealing way: Standard - lip drop One filling station Included auger filler for powder dosing. Included Vacuum conveyor for Ground powder up-loading automatic.

Introducing the Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling&Sealing Machine - the perfect solution for your coffee capsule production needs!

This CFS-1 single lane machine can be suitable for Nespresso, Lavazza Blue/Point, Dolce Gusto and KCup coffee capsules.

This cutting-edge machine is designed to automatically complete all production processes, making it incredibly easy to operate. With a small volume and a user-friendly interface, this machine is perfect for coffee production companies of all sizes.

Equipped with a Schneider PLC controller and a touchscreen display, the machine provides real-time monitoring and process visualization for all operations. Depending on the capsules being stackable or not, the machine comes with a stack channel for manual loading or an automatic capsule feeding system for added convenience.

With a vacuum feeding machine, screw feeding machine, elevator machine, and various conveyor methods, the Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Machine ensures the automatic feeding of materials in a simple and efficient manner.

This machine also features an automatic powder pressing mechanism, ensuring that the coffee is perfectly packed and sealed every time. The cutting and sealing lids are also done in a single step, with lids from rolls or magazines.

The Automatic Coffee Capsule Filling Machine also comes with a nitrogen flush function, which creates a flow process with a revised nitrogen atmosphere and 2% residual oxygen content. This helps prolong the product's shelf life, ensuring that your coffee stays fresh for longer.

The entire machine frame is made of 304 stainless steel material, ensuring high hardness and compliance with food hygiene license regulations.


Technical parameters


Up to 50 Pod per minute

Filling range

3~15 gram

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