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Probat G60 Coffee Roaster

nett price: 110000€
Batch size:  60 kg
Efficiency:  up to 240 kg/h
Roasting time:  12-20 min
Burner fuel:  LPG/Natural gas/Biogas
Technical parameters


Actually condition - same like on main photo or Fully modulated burner - 100-120 kW Omron electronics Temperature probes Control panel allowing to control the drum motor, exhaust fan speed and burner power with the touch panel Pneumatic green coffee loader External cyclone

Probat G60

A great option for any sort of commercial roasting, especially when you're looking for a second-hand equipment to cut costs. Probat G60 that is available in our offer has been fully renovated and restored to its former glory. This device I capable of roasting batches of 60 kg with up to 240 kg/h efficiency. What's great about the Probat G60 model is that it's equipped with a fully modulated burner. Combined with a 15'' command panel, it gives you full control over its power, the exhaust fan speed, as well as other parameters of the roasting process. The coffee hopper and drum flap are operated pneumatically. The device is compatible with a green coffee loader and a destoner - contact us for more details. The Probat coffee roaster is waiting for completely restore and check.... with it we can offer a 1-year warranty. Our G60 model is disassembled and ready for transport. Feel free to contact our customer service to learn more about the technical details and purchase process.


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