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nett price: 5560€
Voltage:  230 V
Certification:  ISO 9001:2015 + CE + RoHS
Burr material:  Ceramic
Control mode:  Touch panel control
Required:  C5 Fridge
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Fresco X780 automatic coffee machine


The Fresco X780 coffee machine is the newest and most technologically advanced model of automatic coffee machines. It has been adapted to even the most demanding customer needs, its daily capacity is approximately 420 coffees. The device was designed for large office spaces, catering outlets, hotels, restaurants and gas stations. Fresco X780 provides the best quality drinks with one click and a perfect user experience.


The uncompromising capabilities of the X780


Thanks to a 22g brewer and two boilers, Fresco X780 can simultaneously prepare two coffees with a volume of up to 400ml, which makes it a leader in efficiency.


Intuitive control system


Fresco X780 is equipped with a large 10-inch color display with Android, which is simple and intuitive to use. The menu has three different types of user operation mode: standard, self-service and professional interface. There are also two beverage list display modes: grid layout and menu card display. It is also possible to change the color of the housing illumination.


High efficiency, capacity and fast operation


The X780 has two large hoppers for coffee beans, each with a capacity of 1.2 kg, as well as two separate grinders and one container for instant products with a capacity of 1.5 kg. This allows you to create many coffee specialties with the addition of e.g. chocolate or use powdered milk instead of regular milk. The device has an internal water container that can hold up to four liters and functions for connecting the machine to mains water and connecting a drain. The drip tray can hold up to two liters of beakers and a coffee grounds container for up to 50 portions, which ensures free use of the coffee machine without the need to constantly empty it.


A smart coffee machine with the latest technology


Modern technologies used in the X780 coffee machine not only make it easier to use, but also allow for remote monitoring and analysis. The device supports telemetry, which is responsible for monitoring coffee consumption, allows you to control maintenance and the number of washes, and effectively plan technical inspections. The coffee machine has an MDB module to handle payments. An element that will perfectly promote your company is the ability to upload advertising videos that are displayed in standby mode and when turning on the coffee machine, and you can also program your own music and sound effects that will be played while making coffee.


To enjoy great coffee all the time, you need to take care of your coffee machine regularly. The device should be cleaned at least once a day, and more often if necessary, to avoid blockages and failures. Fresco X780 is equipped with intuitive automatic milk system cleaning programs and an automatic descaling program. The user will be guided through all maintenance stages, and step-by-step information will be displayed on the screen.

Technical parameters


230 V


ISO 9001:2015 + CE + RoHS

Burr material


Control mode

Touch panel control


C5 Fridge

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