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nett price: 1500€
Voltage:  230 V
Certification:  ISO 9001:2015 + CE + RoHS
Burr material:  Steel
Control mode:  Touch panel control
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Fresco X65 automatic coffee machine

The Fresco X65 coffee machine is a device with compact dimensions, its modern and simple appearance will fit perfectly into any space. With a capacity of 80 coffees a day, it will be suitable for smaller and larger offices, companies, restaurants, hotels and other catering facilities.

The coffee machine was created from the highest quality materials and components. The module of two efficient thermoblocks ensures quick and effective work, thanks to which you will get your favorite coffee even faster with one click. A four-liter water tank ensures longer operation without the need to constantly fill it, and an additional function allows you to switch the coffee machine to draw water from an external tank, e.g. a water can. This is a perfect solution for events where we serve a large amount of coffee in a short time. The grounds container can also hold a lot, easily up to 30 portions of coffee.

Fresco X65 has an intuitive and clear 7-inch display, thanks to which the user can easily and quickly choose their favorite drink from the available menu. You can place short advertising videos promoting your company on the screen, which will be displayed while you make coffee. The coffee spout gives us complete freedom to use larger glasses, its height is adjustable from 8 to 15 cm.

The latest technologies used in Fresco coffee machines make work easier not only for users but also for service technicians. The telemetry function in the machine is responsible for monitoring coffee consumption, allows you to check the maintenance processes performed in the machine and effectively plan its technical inspections. Automated cleaning programs are easy to use and quick to perform, regular maintenance of the coffee machine extends its life and prevents breakdowns.

Technical parameters


230 V


ISO 9001:2015 + CE + RoHS

Burr material


Control mode

Touch panel control

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