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nett price: 990€
Voltage:  230 V
Certification:  ISO 9001:2015 + CE + RoHS
Burr material:  Steel
Control mode:  Manual panel control
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Questo M60P coffee machine


The Questo M60P coffee machine is a device with very good technical parameters that offers us excellent quality coffee, from classic espresso to cappuccino and latte. Its daily capacity of up to 60 coffees is therefore a perfect solution for small and medium-sized offices, cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments.

The P version has been additionally enriched with enlarged drawers for beakers and coffee grounds, thanks to which the coffee machine works longer without the need to constantly empty it. It is an excellent option for longer events, receptions and office spaces where the number of coffees made is increased.

The device is equipped with a two-liter water tank with the option of taking water also from an external tank, e.g. a water can and a 1000g tank for coffee beans. The quiet conical grinder effectively grinds the beans, and the professional brewing unit extracts maximum flavor and aroma from them. Five-stage grinding fineness adjustment, depending on your preferences, allows you to obtain a more intense or weaker infusion. The simple and clear screen with a knob is very easy and intuitive to use, on the sides there are quick shortcuts to individual coffee specialties and maintenance activities. While preparing coffee, you can freely change the strength, amount of coffee or milk by turning the knob, which gives you full control over the coffee brewing process. Additionally, the user can choose the temperature of his coffee from three: high, normal and low. By adjusting the height of the spout, you can properly adjust your favorite cup, glass or mug.

If you want your coffee machine to serve you for a long time and prepare high-quality coffee, do not forget about daily maintenance activities. Thanks to automatic cleaning programs, it will be much faster, and maintaining the hygiene of the coffee machine will be even easier. The coffee machine also uses an intelligent PCBA control system with a fault warning and information reminder function.

Technical parameters


230 V


ISO 9001:2015 + CE + RoHS

Burr material


Control mode

Manual panel control

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