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nett price: 1790€
Voltage:  230 V
Certification:  ISO 9001:2015 + CE + RoHS
Burr material:  Ceramic
Control mode:  Touch panel control
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Fresco P8 Plus

Large commercial fully automatic coffee machine. Appreciated especially in the catering sector, thanks to its high efficiency and simple operation. It is characterized by classic, elegant style and reliability. It has been designed to meet even the highest customer requirements, recommended for restaurants, hotels, cafes and, above all, for large office buildings. It has an enlarged container for coffee beans and an enlarged tank for water and grounds, thanks to which it is ready to make the maximum number of coffees even during rush hours. The coffee machine has a water connection and an internal tank as standard. It will prepare up to 24 types of coffee, such as espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino.

Perfect for large office spaces

High efficiency of up to 120 cups a day and an 8L water tank make it ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels and especially offices.

Simple cleaning and maintenance

The Fresco P-8B coffee machine is easy to use and clean. The touch panel has an intuitive selection menu. The coffee machine also has automatic milk module cleaning and descaling programs.

The perfect coffee created by you

Each coffee can be programmed according to individual preferences and needs, creating perfect coffee recipes. Adjust specific amounts of water, milk and brewing time.

Efficiency and savings

After selecting the appropriate quantities and options for creating coffee, we can control the consumption of products.

9 grind sizes to choose from

Choose the best grinding size for you to enjoy the best coffee.

2 water pumps and 2 heaters

They allow you to prepare Americano and milk drinks twice as fast. The machine serves coffee and milk or hot water at the same time.

High foaming temperature

Frothing temperature from 60-70 degrees C, so we can enjoy creamy, thick foam until the last sip.

Technical parameters


230 V


ISO 9001:2015 + CE + RoHS

Burr material


Control mode

Touch panel control

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