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Coffed - Coffe World Map

Welcome to Coffed world!

Our activity started in 2008. The owner of the company has already had contact with green raw material in Celmar. Thus, ideas for a new business were formed a long time before. At the very beginning, the company was looking for customers interested in industrial machines and mediation in their purchase or sale. In 2009, we completed our first ground-breaking project for Mokate in Żory - renovation and delivery of machines. Now we are one of manufacturer commercial coffee roaster!

Commercial coffee roaster machine

Polish commitment
Polish commitment

Our devices are built with great precision. We create all our products in a production plant.

Your coffee roaster
Your coffee roaster

Choose your color and we will apply it to the device. A wide range available on request.


We provide you with a one-year warranty and lifetime service support

Our Devices
Our Devices

The devices from our offer are 100% ready to work.


Our coffee roasters are compatible with Artisan or Cropster


While working, the software provides learning and fun for the user


We select highest quality materials for our roasters.

Coffee roaster machines

Coffee roasting machine

European customers:
- training how to use the device
- transport of equipment
- servicing
- compatibility with artisan and cropster software

We provide one year warranty for the devices.

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